Odyssey by Mario Perrotta. Roman Theater of Fiesole (Florence)



“Tonight I rent two musicians, take them to the town square and make a bang! A mess is going on tonight … “. Thus Telemachus, son of an Ulysses who never returned, enters the scene and his varied art show begins. He spares nothing, for himself and for others: he tells, as he knows and how he can, his version of events. And every feeling becomes flesh on the stage and becomes a body, words in music, avanspectacle, loose verses and dance, the tattered odyssey of a boy who cannot hold together the pieces of a story – that of his father – that no longer stands. standing. For Telemachus, the waiting time is up: it’s time to make a show.


There is a character in the Odyssey who has always captured my attention, a character that many do not even remember: Telemachus. I have always been fascinated by her, because her wait is full of suggestions. Telemachus has no memories of Ulysses, he has never seen him, he does not know how he is made, he does not know the sound of his voice: for Telemachus, Ulysses is just a story of the people. And it is precisely this absence that opens up infinite possibilities in Telemachus’ thoughts. He is the only character from the Odyssey who can build a calibrated image of Ulysses to his liking. Telemachus’ thoughts, perhaps, are the only place where Ulysses can still be a hero …

When and Where

Tuesday 3 August 2021 Starting time 9.15pm
Roman Theater of Fiesole


Teatro dell’Argine
by Mario Perrotta
collaboration with direction Paola Roscioli – music performed live by Mario Arcari (oboe, clarinet, drums), Maurizio Pellizzari (guitar, trumpet)

FONTE e INFO: www.bitconcerti.it

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