Niccolò Fabi changes place and date. MusArt Festival. Piazza SS . Annunziata in Florence (Italy)


24 July

Due to the Covid-19 emergency, Niccolò Fabi’s live on 26 June 2020 at the Roman Theater of Fiesole and postponed to 26 June 2021,  has been rescheduled on 24 July 2021 by changing location, will be held in Piazza SS . Annunziata in Florence.
Tickets purchased for both dates will remain valid without the need for replacement.
The purchased seats will be relocated  respecting the purchased sector and  applying the regulatory distancing,each purchase order will be separated from the others, the chosen location will undergo changes, both to allow the application of safety regulations and for the diversity of the two venues. 
Upon arrival, the dining room staff will indicate the location of the new seats. 

The Roman singer-songwriter returns as a protagonist on the stages

The Roman singer-songwriter returns as a protagonist on the stages of the peninsula and will perform, together with his travel companions, in prestigious and historic locations in our country and in the main music festivals of the summer. A journey in which to be transported freely. 2 uninterrupted hours of music in which words and sound mix with a new visual imagery. An intense show in which the sound experiments that characterize the last record of the Roman singer-songwriter find the right balance. For a live where at the center of everything remains only the music and the emotions it is able to arouse in the viewer.


On stage together with Niccolò Fabi (vocals, guitar and piano) present the friends and colleagues Roberto Angelini (guitars, ARP and choirs), Pier Cortese (guitars, Ipad and choirs) Alberto Bianco (bass, guitars and choirs) Daniele “mf coffee ”Rossi (synth, piano and moog) and Filippo Cornaglia (drums, electronics and glockenspiel). 

Where and when

Saturday 24 July 2021 Starting time 9.15pm
MusArt Festival


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