Don Giovanni The Elegant Nightmare of and with Michela Murgia. Roman Theater of Fiesole (Italy)


The melodrama. The Murgia rewrites Mozart’s Don Giovanni

Michela Murgia returns to the theater bringing her personal passion to the stage: melodrama. An expert melomaniac, the Murgia rewrites Mozart’s Don Giovanni while keeping the main characters of Da Ponte’s libretto unaltered: we therefore find, in addition to the well-known libertine and liar protagonist, also his reckless assistant Leporello and the serious Don Ottavio to trace stereotypes, again present in the contemporary world, of “being male”. 

The female universe is instead embodied by three very different women, almost representing three behavioral archetypes: Donna Anna, an example of moral rigor and respect for traditions, Elvira, betrayed and constantly mocked by Don Giovanni but illusory convinced to be able to redeem him, and Zerlina, curious woman who, armed with malice, intends to enter the world with frivolous and childish behavior. Michela Murgia entertains an evolutionary story by taking us to a psychoanalytic session: hers. 

Through the description of the characters in Mozart’s immortal work

Through the description of the characters in Mozart’s immortal work, he reveals his experience and his position on the subject of couple relationships, therefore also of love, sex, anger, resentment. In an imaginary and imaginative way as in front of a mirror, Murgia reflects on the infinite facets of male psychology that encounters – and clashes – with the female universe, in a still unresolved conflict. The music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, performed by a single instrument, supports the flow of consciousness: Giancarlo Palena’s accordion.

Where and when

Wednesday 21 July 2021 Starting time 9.15pm
Roman Theater of Fiesole


DON GIOVANNI, the elegant nightmare
of and with Michela Murgia – at the accordion, Giancarlo Palena
in collaboration with Parmaconcerti Mismaonda srl


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