The Fall Of Troy by Massimo Popolizio. Roman Theater of Fiesole (Italy)


From the second book of the Aeneid

From the second book of the Aeneid was born “THE FALL OF TROY”, Massimo Popolizio is its interpreter, magnetic and unmistakable voice, one of the most important actors on the national scene.

The immense horse, a gift from the Greeks

The theme is that of deception. The immense horse, a gift from the Greeks, is transported to the walls of Troy, but will turn into a machine of death and destruction for the Trojans. At the court of Dido, Aeneas narrates, describing with “unspeakable pain”, that night of violence and horror. Virgil’s words seem like a storyboard, a sort of ante litteram script and “through those words – says Popolizio – I will try to create real images, to show what is written”.

Stefano Saletti’s music

Stefano Saletti’s music is enriched by the presence of the Iranian musician Pejman Tadayon who plays the kemence, the daf and the ney, ancient and evocative instruments of the Persian tradition. The sung languages ​​are Ladin, Aramaic, Hebrew and Sabir, an ancient Mediterranean language. Saletti plays instruments such as the oud, the bouzouki and the bodhran on stage to highlight the atmospheres animated by Massimo Popolizio and the clear voice of Barbara Eramo, who moves between melisms and scales of Middle Eastern derivation.
A real “score” that makes this piece an opera in itself, where Popolizio’s voice becomes body and matter.


Duration of the show: 70 minutes without intermission

Monday 12 July 2021 Starting time 9.15pm
Roman Theater of Fiesole



music by STEFANO SALETTI – performed on stage by BARBARA ERAMO voice and percussion
STEFANO SALETTI oud, bouzouki, bodhran, voice – PEJMAN TADAYON kemence, ney, daf

production of Compagnia Umberto Orsini


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