Vito Mancuso: Time. Ravenna Festival (Italy)


Vito Mancuso

“Humanity, time, desire” Ethics workshop with Vito Mancuso . Theologian and philosopher, Vito Mancuso’s thought is the subject of discussions for positions not aligned with the ecclesiastical hierarchies, in the ethical and dogmatic fields. He was professor of modern and contemporary theology at the Faculty of Philosophy of the San Raffaele University of Milan and of History of Theological Doctrines at the University of Padua. He is currently professor of the “Meditation and neuroscience” Master at the University of Udine.

The Ethics Laboratory

The Ethics Laboratory is an “educational” journey into the history of the pillars of human life, a new in-depth proposal designed to respond to the need for reflection on contemporaneity. The pandemic event has profoundly affected our lives. Each of us is dealing with this sense of disorientation and uncertainty about the future, aware of being in the presence of an event that, for better or for worse, will change the way we inhabit the Planet. This is why the need arises to ask ourselves questions about our identity, to ask ourselves “who we are”, also asking ourselves about our relationship with living beings.

Three meetings at Villa Peyron

Tuesday 06 July – Humanity
Thursday 08 July – Time
Monday 12 July – Desire


Thursday 8 July 2021 Starting time 9.15pm


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