History Lessons by Luciano Canfora: Catilina, The Power Of The Congiurate. Summer Fiesolana (Florence)


History Lessons

The “History Lessons” which in recent years have been so successful in the most prestigious Italian theaters, thanks to the collaboration between the Laterza Editors and the Estate Fiesolana, are back again at the Roman Theater with two truly unmissable events. Carried by the hand through the centuries, in these three editions many have discovered how an episode even distant in time can help explain our present and have tasted the emotion that lies behind our innate need for memory. Tell, excite, involve; the scientific rigor and communication skills of authoritative historians; a curious and always participating public: this is the winning formula of the “History Lessons” conceived by Editori Laterza. 

Catilina, The Power Of The Congiurate

Military and senator, he remained known above all for his attempt to subvert the Roman Republic, and in particular the oligarchic power of the Senate. The historian and politician Sallust wanted – in his famous portrait – to highlight the characteristics of the perfect criminal, going far beyond the already terrifying portrait outlined by Cicero. But who was Catiline really? And why, for a not short moment, does it remain at the center of Rome’s political life? 

Luciano Canfora

Luciano Canfora is professor emeritus of the University of Bari


Saturday 3 July 2021 Starting time 9.15pm
Roman Theater of Fiesole

SUBSCRIPTION is available for the two evenings, which can be purchased until 03 July 

FONTE e INFO: www.bitconcerti.it

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