Il contrario di padre (The Opposite of Father) by Sebastiano Mondadori. Publishing House: Manni Editori

An on the road Bildungsroman. The engrossing and fleeting story of a father who is not there, precisely of a father who is the opposite of a father, with whom Giulio lives a summer he will not forget.


When he learns of his father’s death, Giulio has not seen him for thirty years, since that summer of 1977 when his mother had to leave him to her ex-husband.

His mother Elena is anxious and uncompromising, his father Geremia charming and unreliable, Giulio a reserved and sensitive 10-year-old boy with all good marks at school and who leaves for that trip with a notebook full of rules and prohibitions to be respected.

Notes that are soon forgotten: his father takes him to Circeo, Capri, Liguria, and he will learn to drink Coca Cola up until he’s sick, to dive from the highest rock to impress the girls, to walk alone along the darkest stretch of the paths.

Between jokes and lies, nights spent playing poker and unclear chenanigans, together with the lemon scented young girlfriend Clem, Geremia gifts to his son the most beautiful summer he will ever have. So much so that it will be even more difficult to forgive him when, from the end of that August, he will disappear forever.

Sebastiano Mondadori

Sebastiano Mondadori was born in Milan in 1970. He has lived in Lucca for fifteen years, where he founded and directs the Barnabooth school of creative writing. He published the novels Gli anni incompiuti (2001), Sarai così bellissima (2002), Come Lara e Talita (2003), Un anno fa domani (2009), Miracoli sbagliati (2013), Gli amici che non ho (2015), L’anno dello straniero (2016).


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