Cinque donne e un arancino di Catena Fiorello Galeano. Publishing house: Giunti

A story of female empowerment. The first adventure of the women of Monte Pepe: five fighters who, despite many challenges, succeed in crowning their dream of opening a “rosticceria”  in a small Sicilian town surrounded by mountains, where they can sell the best “arancini” in the world.

The plot of the book

Moving to a new house means that something is either ending or beginning. But, it always involves a messy mix of emotions. Rosa knows this well: after the death of her husband, she decides to leave Milan and return to her homeland, the remote Sicilian village of Monte Pepe. There, she soon realizes that the local women (even the youngest ones!) seem to be resigned to a monotonous routine. Yet, there must be a way to brighten up the days and awaken the ambitions of the ladies of Monte Pepe.

She will open a Rosticceria

One morning, she wakes up with a brand new idea: she will open a “rosticceria” that offers the best “arancini” of the region, in a friendly and cosy atmosphere that attracts tourists and gourmets. Relying on her past as a cook, Rosa tries to involve four friends: Giuseppa, a widow with a few more years than her, the twins Maria and Nunziatina,  with a passion for traditional cuisine, and the beautiful Sarina, a young girl in  search of her true calling. They will immediately face a big challenge: the town is too isolated in the mountains and customers are scarce. Despite everything, new loves are born, others end, and some still struggle to make their way. And just when the five friends are starting to give up, their lives are turned upside down by the apparition of a mysterious woman who will take them on an incredible adventure in New York City.

Catena Fiorello Galeano

Catena Fiorello Galeano was born in Sicily in 1966. Her first novel, Picciridda, was turned into a film (Picciridda. Con i piedi nella sabbia), winner of “Globo d’oro” miglior opera prima. Among her works: Casca il mondo, casca la terraDacci oggi il nostro pane quotidiano. Ricordi, sogni e ricette di una famiglia come tante. La miaUn padre è un padreL’amore a due passi, and Tutte le volte che ho pianto.


Genre: Narrative

Publishing house:


Year of publication:2020

Published in: Italia

Number of pages: 336

Price: 18 euro

ISBN: 9788809894976 FONTE e INFO:

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