From Bratislava: Silvia Avallone, Marco Missiroli, Nicola Lagioia

2, 9, 16 June

Italian Festival in Slovakia “Dolce Vitaj”

Within the framework of the 14th Italian Festival in Slovakia “Dolce Vitaj”, The Italian Cultural Institute in Bratislava is presenting three online meetings:

Silvia Avallone

– on 2 June, with Silvia Avallone, who will talk with Dado Nagy, literary critic and journalist. Silvia Avallone’s novel Da dove la vita è perfetta is available in Slovak (published by Inaque, translation by Ivana Dobrakovová).

Marco Missiroli

– on 9 June, with Marco Missiroli, who will talk with journalist Zuzana Golianová. Marco Missiroli’s novel Loyalty is available in Slovak (published by Slovart, translated by František Hruška).

Nicola Lagioia

on 16 June, with Nicola Lagioia, who will talk with Andrea De Luca, writer and lecturer in Italian literature. Nicola Lagioia’s novel La ferocia  is available in Slovak (published by Inaque, translated by Adriana Šulíková).

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